Our mission: Getting everybody to optimize

A lot of marketeers are not yet optimizing their emailings. Our goal is to change that. Not-optimizing hurts conversion, recipients, marketeers and the image of the e-mailmarketing industry as a whole. We aim to get e-mailmarketeers optimizing their emailings.

Changing the face of e-mailmarketing

E-mailmarketing is becoming common good. It is pretty easy to set-up a newsletter or other e-mailings. To do it right is a different story. Studies show that a lot of e-mailmarketeers are not yet optimizing their e-mailings. A missed opportunity that is hurting conversion, recipients, marketeers and the image of the e-mailmarketing industry as a whole. Something needs to change.

An ambitious task

We have made it our mission to get more marketeers to optimize their e-mailings. We will motivate marketeers by providing practical information, inspiration and tools for optimization. It is an ambitious task and it will not beĀ  easy, but it will make a big difference in the end.

We need your help:

Its an ambitious task we set out to do and we can’t do it alone. We need your help. Wondering how you could add to the cause? Please contact us. We are looking for the following:

Get optimizing

The best thing you can do is start (or keep) optimizing your e-mailmarketing. Each marketeer doing it is a win for the good cause. So drop us a note saying you did it.


We need to get the word out. So make sure you mention the project in your communication, presentations, and link to the site as often as possible. By gaining more exposure it will be easier to get people optimizing.

Financial support

Are you professionally involved in e-mailmarketing? We are looking for sponsors who would like to give us financial support. Fighting for the good cause costs a lot of money and it will allow you to present yourself in a positive contributing manner. Please contact us.

Content: Case descriptions

Next to telling people that optimization works, we have to show the proof. Please contribute your own optimization cases so we can post them on the website.

Content contributers

Do you want to contribute in the form of creating, blogposts, how-to’s, opinion pieces, etc? We are always looking for quality contributers. Please contact us.

Project leaders

We are planning a number of specific optimization projects. And these are in in need of some heavy lifting. Are you up for the task? Let us know and become a true optimization evangelist.

If you have any other ideas to help the cause, or want to help but don’t know how? Please don’t hesitate and contact us immediately.

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