Memorable email optimization

Imagine a conversation with your colleague that starts with "Remember that email campaign we optimized for...?". He recalled that specific piece of testing. At that moment you know you have done well: a memorable email optimization.

Remember: Goals first

When you are designing email marketing optimization, normally your goals are the best starting point: conversion or customer value. That might be translated into things more measurable like opens, clicks, sales, ROI, etc. The percentage of increase in the results of your optimization is called gain. And the goal is to get the best results you can for your email marketing. But that doesn’t mean that your tests should be boring. A test is even better when it is the opposite of boring: memorable.

Optimization with an edge

I would advise everyone who is designing an A/B or multivariate test to try and make it a memorable optimization. What makes a test merorable? It has potential to be one of those great email marketing stories that your colleagues and customers will love. They just have to tell it to a friend because it has that “I like it and I have to share this” quality. Ok, you can call it a ‘viral optimization’ if you like. Another buzzword is born.

Keep it on the agenda

A test that stands out is also very useful. It allows you to talk about testing, results and the importance of optimization. In your organization, but also with clients. While telling an interesting story. Also it helps to keep testing on the agenda and get some broad understanding about what optimization is all about. Besides that, it could also make for some great PR material and make the company look cool.

Viral optimization

With a bit of creativity you could probably think of a few things you could test that would be remarkable enough to get some viral effects going in your company. Think about all the memorable, epic things you could do with product pictures, incentives and headlines.

So remember: make your next optimization as memorable as it can be.

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