Dynamic email optimization explained

Dynamic email optimization is a technique to optimize your e-mailings for conversion. It is used to get highest amount of clicks / conversions possible. By testing different versions of an emailing and comparing the results a winner is chosen. This is done with the use of (dynamic) images in the emailing.

How does it work?

Dynamic email optimization uses images to display different content to different recipients. TheĀ best versionĀ is determined by measuring the clicks generated from these different versions. Once the winner is statistically significant, all the recipients will be shown the winning version.

Difference with other testing methods

Because dynamic email optimization uses images, it is able to do preform the optimization after you have sent your emailing. All other methods of testing (including A/B and multivariate testing) rely on basic list segmentation. You would make testgroups, ready your testversions and send them one by one. Then waiting for the results to come in. There is no need for those extra steps in dynamic email optimization.

The algorithm in the optimization tool will automatically choose the statistically best email version. This means your testgroup will be precisely the size it needs to be, not too small and not to big. That is not possible when using traditional optimizing methods. It also means you don’t have to wait for the results to roll in before sending the best version.

Elements you can test with dynamic email optimization

Dynamic email optimization allows you to optimize all the images in your email. This includes elements like buttons, offers, product pictures, header images, calls to action, etc. All content of an email can be presented as an image and therefore can be optimized. Actually you can test everything inside the email.

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